Built for passionate individuals earning money doing what they love.

Excited to have so many amazing early supporters.
Divya Ramachandran
Freelancing can be stressful at times, but Better has made it so easy for me to focus on my passion for photography and not worry about the rest.
Will Johnson
Owner of GreenWallst.com
As a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, I have dealt with this problem first hand. This is why I am so excited to be part of the Better team.
Evan Fong
Vanoss Gaming
It's hard to overstate how useful Better has been to my business. Kudos to the team.
Debra D
I was already in love with the product, but the after-sales support was what sealed the deal for me!
Bernadette Cortese
Honestly, I just wanted to explore my love of wine and travel, I never wanted to deal with the admin side of it. With Better now I don't have to.
Steven Crosby
Better was the app I wish I had when I was freelancing. Just something that tells me what to set aside for taxes. Couldn't be simpler.
Manny Singh
Freelance Product Manager
I’ve been self-employed or a contract worker most of my working life and I know how hard it is to manage self-employed earnings. Better has made this so much easier for me.
Vince Cortese
Co-Founder of Better
As a CPA I know how complicated and stressful taxes can be. Better was created to fix this. It’s time to stop worrying about taxes and start building toward a refund.